Tips for Caregivers : Coronavirus

In The News - The Media’s Effects on Caregiver Mental Health


During the COVID-19 pandemic, caregivers dealt with unique challenges on top of their existing responsibilities. Safety concerns arose and took a toll. Caregiver burnout, a state of physical, emotional and mental exhaustion, became much more common.

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Déjà vu Parenting


Caregiving is an art. It needs at its core, 3 support pillars which are love, trust, and patience to make the relationship work and the bond to stay nurtured. The task of caregiving for parents or in laws seems to be the norm in South Asian families.

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Black Lives Matter


Rahul Dubey, a longtime resident of Washington D.C., didn’t anticipate having such an eventful night when he stepped out for a stroll.

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Cultural Challenges in Caregiving


Here at Posana, our mission is to uplift and support South Asian caregivers. Although family caregiving is a beautiful South Asian tradition, it can pose some unique challenges.As we explored at one of our events, Caregiver Mind and Body Wellness, the majority of caregivers are women, who juggle career, family, and other parts of their lives with the responsibilities of caregiving.

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Transforming Connections


In the past few weeks, the world has had to become creative about maintaining social connection - with loved ones, friends, colleagues, or neighbors. We’d like to recognize the significant role that caregivers play in protecting the most vulnerable during this time and we hope that our resources can provide some relief for them.

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Welcome World


We are so excited to launch our Posana blog series! Our posts will be centered around information, updates, and resources for caregivers and their communities. Through this series, we hope to further our mission by sharing topics related to the health, wellness, and experiences of caregivers.

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