Tips for Caregivers : Coronavirus

Transforming connections

By: Maria Tariq

In the past few weeks, the world has had to become creative about maintaining social connection - with loved ones, friends, colleagues, or neighbors. Virtual connections have become a critical way to cope with challenges of physical distance.

We’d like to recognize the significant role that caregivers play in protecting the most vulnerable during this time and we hope that our resources can provide some relief for them.

Though self-care is especially important now, it can still be difficult to prioritize and implement into changing routines, even for experienced caregivers.

Nevertheless, communities have transformed through strength and innovation. Now is the time to call on assistance from those around you. Delegate duties to others in your household - this can ease pressure and help you provide the best support to your loved ones. Neighbors, friends, and even those who were previously strangers are eager to provide a helping hand to those who have trouble getting resources like food, shelter, medication or assistance with daily tasks. A strong network can provide not only physical help but also emotional support.

A recent Posana event, The Caregiver Space: Coping with Uncertainty, addressed how caregivers can navigate anxiety and uncertainty in these particularly challenging times. The webinar accommodated over 50 guests that were able to interact and learn from the speakers. We discussed topics such as self compassion, coping techniques and action plans to achieve personal goals. You can locate resources from the webinar on our website at You can also email us at to receive some resources emailed to our event attendees including recap notes, speaker information, helpful links, and more.

Even though it may seem like caring for others is priority, it is important to focus on maintaining a healthy sense of self and mindfulness for your wellbeing. Our team maintains connections by frequent communication, video calls, and checking in with each other. We encourage you to take some new steps to improve your own health. Please reach out to us as well as your community for any support!

You can also find specific resources regarding COVID-19 at: As always, feel free to let your thoughts in the comments below, via social media or email at

We look forward to virtually connecting with you!
Stay safe and healthy.

Published: 04/18/2020