Tips for Caregivers : Coronavirus

Welcome world!

By: Maria Tariq and Nusmila Lohani

We are so excited to launch our Posana blog series! Our posts will be centered around information, updates, and resources for caregivers and their communities.

Through this series, we hope to further our mission by sharing topics related to the health, wellness, and experiences of caregivers.

One of the core reasons behind establishing Posana is the passion to bridge a connection between (at-home and professional) caregiving and self care in the South Asian community diaspora.

We aim to get involved in: preemptive education for future caregivers, helping current caregivers tackle daily associated challenges, and information on hospice and grief counseling after the death of a loved one -- covering the whole spectrum of a caregiving.

Our unique approach highlights personal stories and inspiration from caregivers -- you can explore the “Featured Caregiver” section on our website.

Caregivers have a unique experience when it comes to caring for their loved ones or patients. It includes, but not limited to, providing physical and medical care, running errands and household chores, and being an emotional support system. The extent of this support can sometimes come at a personal cost, such as neglect of one's own health or effects on finances -- commonly leading to caregiver burnout.

Often, caregivers forget to prioritize self-care due to the heavy-demands of caregiving. When caregivers’ needs are recognized, the first small steps of asking for and receiving help become easier. This is where we intend to step in, give you the recognition, and offer resources and support to build a healthy life as a caregiver.

We also provide resources such as connections with community organizations, medical professionals, and information related to self-care.

Caregivers are the strength in our communities, and we believe that compassion and self-care for caregivers is utterly essential.

Through this blog post series, we intend to showcase a variety of topics related to caregiving and create a platform for discussion and engagement. This series is designed especially for you, to feel welcome to participate.

We are Posana. We are here to help and build a caregiver community. Please join us and we look forward to hearing from you!

Please share your thoughts, feedback and suggestions as to what topics you would like to see us cover in our future posts in the comments below.

Happy caregiving!

Published: 03/13/2020