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Welcome to our first monthly newsletter. This is a new way for Posana to stay in touch with our growing network of caregivers and supporters. We look forward to sharing direct updates about our growth and development, informing you about our upcoming resources and events, and providing a space for you to share your feedback and thoughts.
Who are we?
Posana is a New Jersey-based non-profit organization with a mission to bridge the gap between caregiving and self-care in South Asian communities. It was founded to redefine the South Asian formal and informal caregiver experience by assessing and spreading awareness about caregiver stresses, providing a diverse set of resources to tackle unmet needs in the caregiver community, and creating a community of caregivers and their support system.
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At Posana, our aim is to consistently connect with and better understand the unmet needs and challenges of our caregiver community through direct feedback from surveys, caregiver interviews/profiles, and more. Here are some resources that caregivers want to see and how Posana is beginning to address them: 

Online options. Resources available from the comfort of the home are important to busy caregivers. Posana creates (blog posts, caregiver profiles, recorded interviews with health experts) and shares (web articles, peer-reviewed research, websites, and more) a diverse range of resources through our website and social media platforms. We also continue to provide 1:1 support to caregivers through email by directing them to available resources specific to their needs. 

Panels and events. Caregivers want to attend talks from certified health professionals and have a space for open-group discussions. Posana has held multiple in-person and virtual panel discussions and events exploring caregiver health. 

Network directory. Caregivers may require support services for themselves or their loved ones. Posana maintains a directory of health professionals and community organizations for direct assistance.

Resource page. Our resource page is designed to provide practical information via web articles, scientific peer-reviewed articles, and diverse networks of helpful organizations and professionals. Please contact us if you would like to suggest additional resources.

Caregiver profiles. We love learning and sharing stories about our caregiver community. Our caregiver profiles outline the diverse perspectives of South Asian caregivers and provide insight into their daily experiences. In our latest profile, Koli, a Bengali-American caregiver, talks about her past experience balancing care for her mother-in-law, a full-time job, and other family responsibilities. Read more on our website.

Blog posts. Read blog posts written by the Posana team about important topics in the caregiver and health space. Do you have a topic you'd like us to write about? Share it with us!
Tell us what you need. Please complete the two-minute survey below to share more about your challenges and what would make your caregiving experience easier. Your responses can directly impact the organization's efforts and initiatives in the future. Please feel free to share the link with any other caregivers you may know!
Posana is lucky to have the support of many valued patrons who share our passion for South Asian caregiver health and wellness. Please see some notable sponsors below who have helped us keep our events free and important resources readily available!
If you would like to donate to our organization, please email us for more information.
Thank you!
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