Tips for Caregivers : Coronavirus

Community Organizations

South Asian Mental Health Initiative & Network (SAMHIN)
South Asian Mental Health Awareness in Jersey (SAMHAJ)
Somerset County Department of Human Services
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Meg Isbitski, LSW, DRCC

Assistant Mental Health Administrator, AFN Coordinator

Somerset County Department of Human Services (NJ)

Vasudev Makhija, MD, DLFAPA

Psychiatrist, Founder (SAMHIN)

Linden, New Jersey

Shanita Liu, MPA, CPC

Transformational Life Coach

Coach Shanida, NYC Certified Minority Women-Owned Business Enterprise

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Web Articles

Get in-home medical care.

Landmark partners with health plans to bring house calls to patients living with multiple chronic conditions. Landmark’s providers – doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants – come to your home to help keep you well. read more

This is a story about you.

Landmark was formed in 2013 to solve a problem that exists in the United States for people at greatest risk. Many people with multiple chronic health conditions rely on hospital emergency rooms as their primary source of health care. read more

Caregiver stress: Tips for taking care of yourself

Caring for a loved one strains even the most resilient people. If you're a caregiver, take steps to preserve your own health and well-being. read more

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Peer-reviewed Articles

Caregiver Burden in South Asian Families

Those who identified with Asian cultural norms of filial piety (“be good to one’s parents) and social support were found to have less perceived caregiver burden. More employed family members is related to less perceived burden. Female caregivers experience higher levels of caregiver burden than male caregivers. read more

Palliative Care for Families: Remembering the Hidden Patients

This article briefly synthesizes empirical work that suggests how to best support families in a palliative care context. We discuss how to define the family, emphasizing a systems approach to family care. We describe the impact of the illness on the family in terms of family members’ health, family communication issues, psychological issues, needs for information, physical care demands, and family costs of caring read more

Caregiver Statistics: Demographics

2019 Census Report on Caregiving by the Family Caregiver Alliance. Demographic statistics covering a broad range of factors that may be of interest. read more

Gender differences in caregiving among family - caregivers of people with mental illnesses

Women comprise the majority of caregivers of the elderly (57-81%). They also comprise the majority of caretakers for those with mental illness. Proportion of men are increasing. A large body of the evidence seems to indicate that women suffer more from the negative consequences of providing care but it is inconclusive. read more

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