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Welcome to our first newsletter of 2021! This month we are highlighting advice from our November 2020 Caregiver Series and sharing our newest caregiver profile featuring Manisha.

We had the privilege to speak to three talented healthcare professionals who shared their journeys and caregiving advice with us. Sharing some helpful tips for caregivers to ring in the New Year. Check out Nicole’s, Soffy’s, and Bahamia’s full interviews here.

How did your life change with this experience? Did it leave an impact on you?

When my mom first got sick, my dad and I would stay at the hospital with her. I would take the night shift, my dad would take the morning, and my sister would take the afternoon. When my mom came home, we also had family support in Sacramento. It was difficult being the only caretaker for so long at first. I’d mostly stay at the hospital and do most of my work from there. I did mourn the loss of my youth. For example, I didn’t get the entire experience of being a grad student, and I felt guilty sometimes for trying to do fun activities. I feel like I grew up very fast, almost from being a 20-year-old to a 40-year-old.

What are some sources of support that you would like?

A problem we have faced is that physical and occupational therapists are only allotted a certain amount of visits by the insurance. But for someone who has been in bed for 4-5 years now, 6 weeks or 6 visits is not enough time to make progress. Without that speedy progress, they aren't allowed to come back. If we pay for physical therapists out of pocket, the people we've found are also not willing to continue sessions because she isn't making progress fast enough. We just need someone willing to work with her. Even if she isn't able to walk again, she still needs some form of consistent physical therapy- which is super important for her limbs to not get atrophy. So they continue to have flexibility and give her a better quality of life. I've been giving her physical therapy myself every night- it helps her fall asleep. But I'm not a physical therapist, I'm not an expert in that field, so it would be nice to have an expert come regularly to work with her.

How do you deal with stress and do you practice self care?

I have been in weekly therapy since 2017, and I’ve had to train my brain to reduce my anxiety. I think allowing myself to ask for help is really important.A lot of times, for caregivers, it’s really difficult to reach out.I feel guilty sometimes because if I do something that’s not at home it feels like it’s wrong, but reaffirming myself and validating myself has really helped with that. Just taking 20-30 minutes to do something for myself really helps.

Enjoyed reading about Manisha’s story? Check out her full interview here.

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